Photo Studio

Photo Studio 1.30.3

Photo editing with professional results

Photo Studio is a complete photo editing tool which comes with filters, effects, frames and options to tweak, improve and transform your images. View full description


  • Editing and retouching
  • Packed with filters, frames, effects...
  • Create mosaic art
  • Share with other applications


  • No support for some social apps
  • Must pay for additional effects

Very good

Photo Studio is a complete photo editing tool which comes with filters, effects, frames and options to tweak, improve and transform your images.

In addition to the large number of features available, Photo Studio stands out for its ease of use, turning your finger into a paintbrush and applying light or color filters simply by simply touching the screen.

An editing studio on your cell phone

You can take a picture with your camera or use images stored on your Android device, then edit and create original mosaics, turning them into comic strips or random patterns with a 3D background.

Photo Studio, like Photo Editor or Repix, offers filters, frames, effects, retouching, color and brightness, blur function, cropping, highlighting functions and many more features. You can also purchase new frames and effects with paid-for packages available within the application.

Once you have finished retouching a picture with Photo Studio, you can save it in JPG or PNG formats and leave it stored on your device or share it via another application, such as Facebook, Dropbox or Whatsapp.

Tool carousel

It isn’t easy bringing so many tools together in one application. Photo Studio manages to organize everything it offers on the bar at the bottom of the screen, so you can select the tool whenever you need it. It would be handy, however, to have a shortcut to display them all on the full screen, which would make deciding between them a bit easier.

Apart from that, each tool on Photo Studio has its own button, which makes it intuitive and easy to use. With one finger and a bit of skill, you can achieve impressive results.

Professional results for amateurs

The results you can achieve with Photo Studio vary, depending on the image you have to edit and the changes you apply. Either way, it's easy to make the result to your liking, especially in the case of effects; most of them are very visually appealing and applied by simply choosing the effect from the bar at the bottom of the screen.


Photo Studio is designed for all types of users. Whether you're an expert in photography or a Average Joe user, you'll find it easy. In addition, the selection of effects and filters will cover most of your needs.

There are a lot of photo editing applications, and if you need one that encompasses effects, frames and filters, Photo Studio more than fits the bill.


  • In the latest version of Photo Studio, you can now shape your photos in multiple ways with the help of color, textures and other images. This version also comes with new text editing capabilities, which include text backgrounds of different shapes, background colors and textures, and blurred backgrounds. Other new features include 60 new labels available in a free sticker pack, as well as more fonts, new textures and sketch filters.

Photo Studio


Photo Studio 1.30.3